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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

May 14, 2019

Taking your health into your own hands sounds like a phrase that is said and never acted upon because one might not know what it means to do so… but what if it didn’t have to be unknown. You know your body better than anyone and this could be the empowering experience that you’ve been waiting for.

This happened to our guest Kate Kordsmeier, creator of Root + Revel, four years ago when she was tired of not feeling comfortable in her own body due to irregular cycles, breakouts, anxiety and bad digestion. And you won’t believe what it all came back to… her gut function!! In this episode, you will find what it means to “take your health into your own hands” by learning where to start, what to put into your body + how it can change your life.

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  • Kate’s story about how nutrition changed her life (1:34)
  • What’s not talked about “the pill” (4:31)
  • Natural alternatives to prescription drugs (10:26)
  • Do you really need to cut gluten out of your diet? (15:45)
  • Becoming a healthy home cooking blogger (19:50)
  • The 80/20 rule (21:51)
  • Kate’s no, no’s when it comes to ingredients in her food (23:20)
  • Hypothyroidism: What Kate has learned + how she healed (27:33)
  • How to start detoxifying your life + Kate’s favorite products (32:12)

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