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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jan 29, 2019

Jessica McCleskey Hood Mahle comes on the podcast to explain how we live through four cycles that affect our mood, sociability, productivity, appetite and energy shifts.


  • Jessica’s story
  • Primary food vs Secondary food
  • Society moving in linear systems
  • What is the moon mother
  • The operation of the...

Jan 22, 2019

Many of you who have listened to a few of my Core Connections Podcast episodes or are a member of my Prenatal + Postnatal Membership, know how much I LOVE talking about fascia. In this episode, I’m kicking it up a notch and talking about your interstitium.

By improving the energy flow through your body you can...

Jan 11, 2019

If there's one thing the New Year brings, its resolutions!! Because exercise is included in almost everyone’s goal for the new year, I wanted to shed some light on 12 of the training myths that I hear from my clients that will hopefully help you achieve your fitness goals in 2019.


  • Look at where...

Jan 3, 2019

As you enter the new year, I hope you look back at 2018 with a smile. A symbolic remembrance of everything you’ve experienced, learned and overcome. We’ve been through a lot together this year… beginning with the release of my Core Nutrition program, coming out with this podcast and ending with the merging of my