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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Nov 23, 2021

Want to get out of the restrictive diet culture? Well, friend, that's exactly what we're chatting about today.

This episode is special because my guest, Toni Marinucci, is a registered dietitian who ironically teaches people how NOT to diet. But it's EXTRA special because you can start applying these tips before the...

Nov 18, 2021

Ever feel like your mind-chatter is getting in the way of you being present in your life? For years, I felt overwhelmed with my thoughts that would leave me anxious.

If you’ve been feeling the same way, this quick episode will guide you through a presencing exercise to help you connect your breath to your body. Click...

Nov 16, 2021

Are you waiting until you're done having babies to heal your body? That was Allie's mindset before she joined my Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Membership.

But when she got pregnant with her third, she took a chance to try something new. The hip pain she was feeling after her first baby 100% went away in her first two...

Nov 9, 2021

Do you want to NATURALLY reduce your PMS symptoms? If so, you can do so by learning how your exercise and nutrition should adjust throughout your cycle!

My guest, Alex Shaw, is a holistic nutritionist with a focus on hormones to educate her clients on their health and fertility for long-term wellness.

In this episode,...

Nov 2, 2021

Are you wondering why you can't get rid of those annoying sugar cravings? You're about to learn why Candida thrives off sugar!

I answer common questions about Candida and even give some examples of specific protocols I share with my clients as an FDN practitioner!

I know you're going to love to hear how I look at the...