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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Aug 30, 2022

As a holistic health nerd at heart, I tend to let my intuition guide me when making decisions for my business or for my podcast.

That's why I felt called to reshare one of my very first episodes of the Core Connections podcast for new listeners who have joined our community!

This episode was originally aired with the...

Aug 23, 2022

I don't know about you, but I need to be reminded of healthy rituals to incorporate back into my life from time to time.

I bring awareness to my posture, incorporate celery juice, focus on mediation, and in today's case... bring back dry brushing as a part of my detoxing regimen.

>>If you’re like me, then this episode...

Aug 16, 2022

Ladies, I have been giving advice and sharing my opinions on female health for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have a distinct memory of the time the pelvic floor found me!

The point is: when women ask me questions about how to heal their bodies, I'm more than happy to give you advice.

And that’s exactly what...

Aug 9, 2022

You may know my guest today, Vanessa Ford, as a Creator, Writer, and Co-Founder of MenoLabs.

Her business revolves around perimenopause and menopause to teach women how to make the best, most informed, and well-researched decisions to feel like themselves again and be the healthiest version of themselves through...

Aug 2, 2022

Have you ever considered that our lifestyle choices can affect our body's symptoms?

My guest today, Rachel Smith, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who has blended her unique health experiences with a diverse set of tools to help people naturally reverse their symptoms of autoimmune disease,...