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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jan 11, 2022

WOW…. That’s all I can say after the conversation I recently had with one of my Prenatal Exercise Specialists.

Kaylyn Redel is open about what she's learned through my fascial training programs in a way that makes me so proud to mentor her.

Ready to hear what she has to say? Click play!

If you’re ready to learn...

Jan 6, 2022

As we enter 2022, I’m here to back up my simple mindset shifts through research to help you reach your health goals...

While also lighting a fire underneath your booty so can set yourself up for future success.

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Jan 4, 2022

The guest you are about to hear from today is someone that I feel so aligned with when it comes to health mindset, Brook Simonson.

In this conversation, we discussed the lack of education around nutrition that is holding people back from amazing results.

I’m sure you'll love hearing Brooke's insights and mindset...

Dec 28, 2021

Do you want to cultivate balance in your life as a mother? In order to do that you need to break your NO TIME mindset... which is exactly what we're chatting about today.

My guest, Chanelle Neilson, is a life coach who helps moms organize their days and find a balance.

There’s nothing I love more than having...

Dec 21, 2021

Ready to say YES to healing your pelvic floor but NO to surgery?! *I’ve got you covered!* Today’s episode is a recording of a conversation I had with a Core Rehab mama.

I love having these conversations with my students because we discuss topics that aren't discussed enough in women's health.

At the end of the day,...