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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

May 30, 2023

I gotta admit: the pelvic floor is involved in everything we do. When I sat down to record this episode about breathing into your diaphragm it was only natural that I started talking about the optimal pelvic floor function. So if you're ready to learn about the love triangle between your diaphragm, breath, and pelvic...

May 23, 2023

You know those conversations that don't skip a beat – the ones that start with no small talk about the weather or introductions...just straight up facts?


Ladies, that's exactly the kind of conversation I had with Elizabeth King...and it was GOOD.


In fact, the very first question I asked Elizabeth was "What...

May 16, 2023

Have you ever found yourself complaining about pain in your feet? Things like bunions? Squished toes? Even plantar fasciitis?

If so, you're gonna want to click play on this podcast to hear a conversation that I have recently been having with many of my clients. In this conversation I ask you questions to help...

May 9, 2023

I recently had a conversation with Heather Gray, Founder of The Lyme Boss, and our conversation was so good that I just couldn't wait to share it with you today.

Heather is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner – but she specializes in supporting clients with chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease, Celiac...

May 2, 2023

Did you know that our bodies need daily movement to avoid pain and move you closer to your health goals? In fact – research shows that just 10-15 minutes of daily moderate exercise can give you real results in less time.

That's right – we need to change our mindset from thinking of daily exercise as burning as many...