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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jun 25, 2019

There’s been conversation about how birth control can be negative for the body, but there are so many women out there that can actually have incredible benefits from being on the pill. The problem comes with the symptoms that arise while on birth control and how that makes women feel. That’s why I knew I had to have Sarah Morgan back on to talk about her new supplement, The Other Pill: Your Birth Control’s Companion, and to dive in deeper on the biochemical changes that happen while on birth control.

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  • Medications depleting certain nutrients (5:02)
  • Biochemical changes that happen when taking birth control (9:36)
  • Is it your hormones causing your symptoms? (12:32)
  • Birth controls digestion effect (14:18)
  • You don’t need to be taking the pill to be on the other pill (19:47)
  • Feel empowered on the pill (22:31)

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