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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jul 24, 2018

Those aches + pains DON’T have to come with pregnancy. You have so much control over what is going on with your body during pregnancy. Learning about how to strengthen and engage your deep core, with the help of baby, can impact how you feel while you are pregnant, giving birth and postpartum. I teach all of this in my prenatal membership to help you feel your best during pregnancy.

Did I mention that you also get a superpower while you’re pregnant? This superpower is activated with movement. Taking advantage of this superpower has the potential to help make your core stronger and push baby out faster with minimal tearing.

Feel empowered during your pregnancy, supermom, and get moving!!

Main Points From This Episode:

  • You CAN workout during pregnancy + there are SO MANY benefits
  • Pregnancy superpower
  • The power of the pelvic floor
  • Posture during pregnancy
  • Learn to release + relax to potentially MINIMIZE tearing
  • Connect your core correctly
  • How your core strength can impact your labor for the better
  • Pregnancy exercise guidelines
  • Use pregnancy as a time to prepare you for recovery after baby

Quotes From This Episode:

  • “Just because an exercise is modified, doesn’t mean it’s easier. It could mean it’s more effective.” – Erica Ziel
  • “Pregnancy is the best time to strengthen your core.” – Erica Ziel
  • “It all comes back to the core.” – Erica Ziel
  • “Knowledge is power.” – Erica Ziel
  • “Strengthen your core appropriately during pregnancy.” – Erica Ziel
  • “Improve your quality of life.” – Erica Ziel

Mentioned In This Episode: