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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Mar 12, 2019

As a mom, is it hard for you to find time for you without experiencing mom guilt? Do you settle for eating what you made your kids for lunch? Are you still struggling to lose those last 5 pounds of pregnancy weight? I hear you, mama! That’s why I invited Sara Haley on this episode to help keep it real with you on all things motherhood related. Sara and I are both drawn into this prenatal + postnatal exercise specialist world and work to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable for all moms out there! Though fitness continues to be a big part of Sara’s life, motherhood inspired her to expand beyond fitness and share more of her life journey and struggles. So, take some time for you mama and join in on Sara and I’s chit chat about the juggle that we call motherhood.

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  • How to balance work, health + family
  • Dealing with mom guilt – allowing time for YOU
  • Finding what works for you to allow you to feel better in your daily life
  • How tiny health changes can lead to big results
  • Sara’s two non-negotiables when it comes to food indulgence
  • The way your body looks vs. the way your body feels
    • The importance of changing up your routine

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