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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jan 22, 2019

Many of you who have listened to a few of my Core Connections Podcast episodes or are a member of my Prenatal + Postnatal Membership, know how much I LOVE talking about fascia. In this episode, I’m kicking it up a notch and talking about your interstitium.

By improving the energy flow through your body you can improve the flow of you interstitium while improving your overall body function. Why you might ask? Because everything in your body is connected!

You better fasten that seatbelt for today’s episode because I am going to be throwing a lot of valuable information at you to help bring together the importance of interstitium.


  • Interstitium craze: Is it new or have we known about it?
  • How hydration plays a role
  • The benefits of improving the energy in your body + how
  • What a little bit of movement can do
  • The power of breath
  • Visualize what you want for your body
  • Body awareness
  • Creating space in your body with fluid movement



  • “The more you are willing to surrender to the energy within you, the more power can flow through you.” – Shakti Gawain
  • “The movement of interstitial fluid from the tissue space into the terminal lymphatics requires a driving force.” – Science Direct
  • “Doing a lot won’t help you accomplish a lot.” – Erica Ziel
  • “Visualize what you want for your body.” – Erica Ziel