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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

May 28, 2024

Can I be real with you for a moment? I mean, you listen to the podcast already so I know you and I are virtual friends.


Okay, here I go: I'd rather nourish my body from within than rely on quick-fix solutions that don't last.


And that’s the kind of lasting wellness that I wish for you, too.


In this episode, Dr. William Davis and I had a conversation about how transforming your diet and gut health can lead to radiant skin and overall better health so you can feel and look your best every day.


Click play to hear all of this and…


(00:03:46) How an unexpected lesson from Dr. Davis' mother's sudden cardiac death lead him to question traditional heart disease treatments.


(00:06:16) The misleading health advice on fats and the real drivers of heart disease.


(00:09:07) Why cholesterol isn't a reliable indicator of heart disease.


(00:13:06) The critical role of cholesterol in brain function and hormone production, and the adverse effects of the "cut your fat" message.


(00:15:57) Connecting gut health to skin health and the impact diet has on collagen synthesis and overall skin quality.


(00:22:24) What microbial strains are best for boosting collagen and reversing signs of aging.


(00:25:26) How fermented foods can improve gut health.


(00:28:11) The benefits of combining specific nutrients like collagen and hyaluronic acid for enhanced skin health and reduced waist size.


(00:32:33) How hormones support gut health and help maintain muscle mass and bone strength.


(00:33:42) Why standard probiotics are often ineffective in treating SIBO.


(00:37:52) How to ferment foods at home.


(00:41:53) The benefits of oxytocin physically, emotionally, and at a cellular level.


(00:46:39) How to naturally improve vaginal moisture.


(00:50:00) The role hyaluronic acid plays in uterine and vaginal health.


(00:51:39) How the consumption of organ meats contributes to tissue health, gut healing, and overall wellness.


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