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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Oct 18, 2018

How long is it going to take to get my body back? When can I start working out? Should I be wrapping my belly? All these questions are answered in this episode of The Core Connections Podcast!

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Mentioned In This Episode:

Quotes From This Episode:

  • "No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch."
  • "Focus on how your body is feeling." - Erica Ziel
  • "Embrace where you have been." - Erica Ziel
  • "Stop looking at the scale." - Erica Ziel
  • "We have to allow expression." - Erica Ziel
  • "Allow the process to begin because the recovery process is the same." - Erica Ziel
  • "It takes time to heal your body." - Erica Ziel