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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jul 30, 2019

Stay in life. Three simple words that hold a lot of value in multiple perspectives. Ed Terris, Vice President of Sales at KT Tape, leaves us with this message at the end of our conversation about all things kinesiology tape on The Core Connections Podcast and here’s why:

The older you get the more you start to slow down which could cause other medical conditions to occur. Ed and I don’t want to see that. We want to see you stay in your life.

And I believe an important tool to have in your tool kit when it comes to staying in your life is KT Tape. I love it as it’s something that I’ve used for years for my membershipprograms, clients, kids + myself.

You don’t have to compensate your life with body imbalances and a strip of tape to bring blood flow to a certain area of the body could be just what you need to stay in your life.

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  • Fan turned into an employee (7:14)
  • The story behind KT Tape (10:11)
  • How does kinesiology tape work? (15:01)
  • What makes KT Tape different? (17:43)
  • “Stay in life.” (23:34)
  • Finding the source of your pain (30:50)

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