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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever questioned if you need to be taking a certain medication? Or if that bag of chips is the only thing that can get you through that mid-day craving? Or even turned the butt warmers on in your car to help relieve some of that low back pain before work? ALL of these symptoms can be PREVENTED by taking your health into your own hands. Josef Arnould joins us to describe his reasoning behind why America should be one of the healthiest countries… but they’re not. But there is a revolution to join, find out how you can play a role by pressing play and becoming an active questioner rather than a passive acceptor.

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  • Taking ownership of your health… where to begin? (1:26)
  • How gullible Americans can be when it comes to nutrition and diet (6:25)
  • Food being driven by the mighty dollar (11:43)
  • Turning the health trend into a revolution (19:04)
  • The power that your health choices have on society (25:47)
  • Healthy eating when short on time (33:06)
  • The most transformation thing that Josef has experienced in his 35 years in the industry (37:24)

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