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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jul 19, 2022

Do you believe in not rushing the process?

My guest today, Carly Hines, believes in this… and she’s on a mission to use education as a tool to empower women with their birthing experience.

Carly is a birth consultant and licensed midwife. She serves as a resource to have in an expecting mom's back pocket throughout their pregnancy to answer questions and discuss options so they can feel in charge of their birth experience.

She also is their biggest supporter for them and their family as they navigate pregnancy and prepare for birth.

Further, she guides new moms through early postpartum as they rest and focus on their breathwork, reconnecting with their pelvic floor, proper nutrition, and creating a support system as they are adjusting to life as a new mom.

In this episode, we chat about alllllll of the things that makes Carly an incredible birth consultant, resource, advocate, guide, and educator in the birthing space. Ready to dive in? Click play now!

If you enjoyed this episode of the Core Connections Podcast, connect with me @ericaziel and Calry @carlysbirthconsulting on Instagram and tell us what you thought!