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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Oct 18, 2022

“I recently stopped a different diastasis recti program because the exercises cause tightness in my pelvic floor and incontinence. How can I start your Core Rehab program gently? I’m nervous to engage my pelvic floor right now because I really don’t know how to do it efficiently.”

This question was asked by a woman who felt like she had tried it all and still wasn't getting the results she wanted with her body.

Can you relate?!

The answer to this question is layered because it really hones in on the fact that everything in the body is connected.

This includes the neural pathways of your brain!

 >>HEALING your body depends on your MINDSET. It's that plain and simple.<<

Your mindset is the most powerful tool you have because it's the very thing that will shift the way you look at healing your body–whether it's to strengthen your pelvic floor, close your diastasis recti, OR get rid of your "mommy pooch".

But what if you don’t know if you have an open mindset? How can you ensure that your mindset is working with your body and not against it? And how do you start to create new neural pathways to get back to doing the things in life that you love?

Click play NOW, beautiful… We’re about to dive deep into discovering what’s really holding you back, and the top 3 movement patterns that lead to a tight pelvic floor so you can start creating new habits.

If you’re ready to put in the work and start making massive shifts in healing your body to reclaim your health, begin your journey of self-discovery with Core Rehab. Inside the program, you'll have the support and tools you need to apply my unique techniques to your life. Join >>HERE<< and I'll see you on a coaching call real soon!