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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Jun 11, 2024

Have you ever wondered what truly drives your child's health and wellness? (like using integrative strategies over conventional?)


Because I have…


In fact, that’s just one of the many, MANY reasons I couldn’t wait to have this conversation with Dr. Elisa Song, creator of Healthy Kids, Happy Kids. Because when I say Dr. Song has transformed the landscape of pediatric health… well, just wait until you listen.


But that’s not all. In this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of gut health, how to support your child's immune system naturally, and the critical role of the vagus nerve in overall well-being.


Click play to hear all of this and…


(00:04:39) The importance of addressing root causes beyond conventional treatments.


(00:06:17) The rising health issues among children and teens and how integrative approaches can create long-term wellness.


(00:07:54) How modern lifestyles are increasing the prevalence of chronic conditions.


(00:10:28) How the microbiome influences immunity and brain development and the crucial role of gut health in children's overall wellness.


(00:13:26) How antibiotics impact the microbiome and the long-term health risks associated with overuse.


(00:17:34) Strategies for restoring microbiome resilience knowing it's never too late to improve gut health.


(00:21:12) How to choose the right probiotic supplements and create a supportive environment for gut health.


(00:26:31) Natural alternatives to antibiotics for common childhood ailments.


(00:28:32) What are effective natural treatments for ear infections and how to know when antibiotics are necessary.


(00:33:31) The most important questions to ask your doctor before you start taking antibiotics.


(00:35:09) The connection between the microbiome and mental health.


(00:39:11) How environmental factors impact children's health.


(00:41:56) Ways to calm the vagus nerve and shift from fight-or-flight to a state of relaxation and healing.


(00:46:47) Dr. Elisa Song's advice on supporting mental health for teens and tweens.


(00:48:54) The benefits of removing gluten and processed foods from children's diets.


(00:54:04) The importance of educating kids about health decisions to empower them with knowledge and promote lifelong wellness.


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