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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Apr 9, 2019

Gene Queen Sarah Morgan breaks down how to look at your genes, what to do with the information and the biggest factor in your future health, YOU! Your genes are a blueprint, not your destiny. You are in the driver's seat! In part one of our conversation, Sarah and I talk about how you can manage your health with food, supplementation and movement.

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  • How much do our genes impact our health (3:30)
  • Epigenetics + gene expression (7:09)
  • A B12 story and a B12 problem (10:17)
  • Sarah’s intake on why is autoimmune on the rise (14:39)
  • Gene expression: preparing for pregnancy (21:26)
  • Nutrient support during pregnancy (23:31)
  • Correctly testing for iron (31:40)

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