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Core Connections with Erica Ziel

May 7, 2019

Success doesn’t choose who it wants to give itself to. It goes to those who work hard, take risks and believe in what they’re doing. Raegan Moya-Jones, founder of the $100 million international company aden + anais, has been fortunate enough to experience success but also has been fortunate enough to experience "failure". Through her story + new book, What It Takes, she inspires women, entrepreneurs and mothers that they can accomplish anything through sheer will and hard work.

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  • Looking back at Raegan’s story (2:31)
  • How to get that idea in your head turned into a reality (9:23)
  • Women in business. Finding the will to move forward despite the statistics. (13:35)
  • A different way of looking at risk-taking and failure (17:41)
  • Mom guilt: Balance is a joke (23:30)
  • Raegan’s wakeup call (34:10)
  • Finding the time when you have no time (41:55)

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